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BAILEY RAE ‘TOUCHED’ BY SHOW OF SUPPORT: Singer ventures outside for the first time since husband’s death March 31, 2008

Filed under: Entertainment — Ryann Hayman @ 12:23 pm

Corinne Bailey Rae laid a spray of heather at the base of a tall Easter cross in the Yorkshire countryside in remembrance of her husband Jason Rae, who was found dead last week of a suspected overdose at 31.


       The visit marked the first time Bailey Rae, 29, had ventured out of her house since his death. 


       In a statement released through her manager, Bob Miller, Bailey Rae thanked her fans for their support and well wishes.      

       “Corinne Bailey Rae and her family have been touched by the huge amount of love and support that’s flooded in from all over the world, and that is really helping all of us cope at this terrible time,” the statement said. “Corinne is also very grateful for the privacy she is being given and the respect that has been paid to herself and Jason.”


      At an inquest into his death Thursday, Deputy Assistant Coroner Roger Chapman testified at Leeds Coroner’s Court that a pathologist’s report pointed to a “suspected drugs overdose” and said officials found “no evidence of any injuries or disease,” reports E! Online.


      Detective Superintendent Steve Payne seconded the findings, telling the court “there were no signs of any trauma or violence or any obvious significant natural disease signs.”


       Shortly after Rae’s death, an unidentified 32-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of supplying controlled drugs to Jason Rae, a member of the Haggis Horns funk band. The suspect is free on bail pending further questioning.


       Bailey Rae met her husband in a Leeds jazz club, where she worked as a coat-room attendant, according to People. They were married in 2001.


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