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Obama Force One By Jimm Lasser September 10, 2008

Filed under: Fashion — Ryann Hayman @ 2:35 pm

Image source: here.

This pair of sneakers has Obama’s pictures on their soles and is specially meant for Obama fans. Jimm Lasser started his exhibition in New York on September 4. The Democratic Sen. Barack Obama was the theme of Lasser’s exhibition. The picture shows the Obama Force One. The Air Force One model was used to create this. Jim Lasser is a clever artist.

It looks like a special pair of outsoles were designed with Obama graphics and then attached to the regular Air Force 1 shoes. The right outsole has an engraved half portrait picture of Obama. The left outsole has the side profile of Obama. A slogan is included in the lower half of the sole. The sentence reads – “A black man runs and a nation is behind him.” The capital A forms the necktie of Obama’s figure.

The sneaker’s upper is in all white but it can be customized according to the wearer’s desires. The main distinguishing feature that Lasser wanted to show would be the outsole. When the outsole was stained with ink, the portrait showed up handsomely. Now we need to look for Nike sneakers that feature McCain.

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