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You Haven’t Heard This: T-Pain & Ludacris September 19, 2008

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T-Pain and Ludacris are all SCREWED up! Upon hearing this song, I had no idea it was going to take the turn it did. I sat in my seat, digested the commentary and had several flashbacks. I swear on everything, it’s not a good feeling getting chopped and screwed lol; IT’S THE WORST!

Anyway, I believe this is the second offering from T-Pizzle’s Thr33 Ringz album which hits stores November 11. Pain and Luda team up for a vivid antecdote on what it means to be Chopped & Screwed. I can guarantee most of you experiecned at least one of the occurrences in the song. Joint is dope and I just love how Pain literally chopped and screwed the beat and the vocals. As always, this audio goodie is brought to you by the good folks (LowKey) over at B.E.T. You Haven’t Heard This. 

T-Pain ft. Ludacris- Chopped and Screwed 


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