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BYNUM’S EX LOOKING FOR LOVE September 22, 2008

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Bishop Thomas Weeks, who pleaded guilty to assaulting his ex-wife Juanita Bynum in a hotel parking lot, has launched a new online search for love titled “Who Will Be the Next Mrs. Weeks?”


      “What kind of advice would you give me about the next Mrs. Weeks?” the Bishop asks in a video posted on his website (http://www.bishopweeks.com/). “I’m sure there are some of you that would like to just share your personal heartfelt [thoughts] of what you would say to either Mrs. Weeks in the future, or to myself about Mrs. Weeks.”


      According to TMZ.com, “a bunch of women” have already responded to his call for wife number three. He says he’s looking for someone who can bear children, a woman who is sensual and she can’t be ugly.


      Bishop Weeks, 40, was sentenced to three years probation, 200 hours of community service and anger management classes after pleading guilty to aggravated assault. He admitted to attacking Bynum in the parking lot of the Renaissance Concourse Hotel in Atlanta on Aug. 21.



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