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E! News is reporting that singer Nate Dogg was in worse condition than initially reported after suffering a stroke nearly two weeks ago, his second in less than a year.


       The artist’s cousin, former rap artist Lil Half Dead, said Nate was on life support at a Los Angeles-area hospital and was hooked up to a feeding tube as of Wednesday. He has since been taken off of life support, but the feeding tube is still inserted, according to TMZ.


      “He has suffered another stroke from his bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle,” said Lil Half Dead, born Donald Smith. “All we can do now is pray for him.”     

      Nate Dogg, born Nathanial Hale, suffered his first stroke on Dec. 19. It left him partially paralyzed.


      “He was making excellent progress with his recovery from the first stroke,” said his manager Rod McGrew. “This is an unfortunate setback. We welcome all prayers in support of Nate’s recovery but we would appreciate privacy.”     

      Nate Dogg’s condition will undoubtedly force a Compton judge to postpone a Sept. 24 hearing in which he faces felony charges for threatening and stalking his estranged wife.



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