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P. MILLER’S BBTV ADDS TEEN SHOW September 23, 2008

Filed under: Entertainment — Ryann Hayman @ 2:55 pm

Master P’s new cable TV venture, Better Black Television (BBTV), has announced the addition of a new program titled “Teens Real Talk” (TRT).      

        The show gives teens an opportunity to express their ideas and feelings in order to help and advise both parents and teens on coming-of-age issues, according to a press release.       

       “This show is the home base where teens can freely connect with their peers, share their stories without fear of judgment, and collaborate with their families and community leaders to discuss resources and organize for social justice,” said network chairman P. Miller. “It’s time for Barack Obama to be the first African American president and it’s time to empower the next generation of our nation’s teens to be more responsible.”       

       The show provides universal access to inform and equip teens through communication and information offered by special guests, teachers, doctors, volunteers, coaches, religious leaders, and influential role models. TRT is committed to the free expression of all people.       

       “The difference between this show and other teen shows is we’re taking this one on the road, to the schools, to the churches, to the communities, to the people to talk about real issues and find real solutions,” said Miller. “Education is what changed my life and I want to give teens across the country a wake-up call before it’s too late; not everybody gets a second chance and it’s easier to catch up now than to catch up later.      

       “We will also visit incarcerated teens in juvenile halls who are seeking answers and solutions. We have teamed up with major corporations and sponsors that share our vision of change and positivity. Our goal with this show is to preserve our future leaders.”      

       Also in production is the family-friendly original sitcom titled “Uncle Willy’s Family,” a show about a Vietnam veteran who comes to California from Louisiana in order to raise his brother’s grandchildren.


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