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Former President Bill Clinton has been making the TV rounds this week to promote his Clinton Global Initiative charity organization, and folks are noticing that he’s spent little time trying to plug his party’s candidate for president, Barack Obama.


      During Monday’s visit to “The View,” Clinton had very nice things to say about Republican candidate Sen. John McCain, even praising his help in improving relations with Vietnam during the Clinton administration. But, glowing support for Obama was not as forthcoming.

      Huffington Post blogger Jason Linkins put it this way: “If you happened to catch ‘The View,’ you likely marveled at Bill Clinton’s ability to call the 2008 election for Barack Obama without actually suggesting that Obama, as a candidate, had any particular quality that would enable the win, which would instead come about through a confluence of happy electoral accidents.”


      It appeared to be more of the same during Clinton’s chat with David Letterman Monday night, as the former president twice referenced his wife Hillary as someone who took an early stand against the mortgage crisis that led to Wall Street’s current collapse.  He never once mentioned that Obama was speaking out early and often against subprime mortgages as well. 


      For Obama supporter Chris Rock, also a guest on “The Late Show With David Letterman” Monday night, it was the last straw.


      “Is it me or he didn’t want to say the name Barack Obama?” Rock said to laughter by both Letterman and the audience. “Hillary ain’t runnin! …I love Hillary, but she lost! She got a lot of votes, she did. The Patriots got a lot of points, too, but they lost to the Giants!


Chris Rock Follows Bill Clinton on “Letterman” – Sept. 22, 2008


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