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Rapper Busta Rhymes will make his scheduled appearance at a charity concert in Britain tonight after immigration officials in the country decided to grant his visa after first turning him down.


      Stephen Greene of RockCorps said Thursday that Rhymes, born Trevor George Smith Jr., was detained at London City Airport by immigration officers who said their refusal to allow him into the country was based on his “unresolved convictions” in the United States.


       But a High Court judge ruled that he was entitled to either bail or immediate release while he formulated a defense. Justice Julian Flaux ordered a hearing for Rhymes’ legal challenge to the government’s attempt to keep him out of Britain. It will likely be held this afternoon.


       Before this year Rhymes had been allowed into Britain twice, both times occurring after his alleged “unresolved convictions,” the promoter said.      

       As previously reported, Rhymes has signed with Universal Motown to release his upcoming album “B.O.M.B.” on Dec. 9.



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