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Lil Wayne Blogs For ESPN September 27, 2008

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Read an excerpt from his first blog here

Lil Wayne doesn’t just rap, thank you: he blogs too. Well, he just started. ESPN grabbed the star emcee to start blogging for them about one of his first loves: sports.

Read an excerpt below:

I grew up playing football. Believe it or not, I was a fullback. When I was nine, ten, eleven, I was a great blocker. I knew how to block real good and the other kids didn’t. So there I was. One game when I was ten years old we were on the goal line about to score, and coach called the play for me. I was supposed to go one way, but I ended up sneaking around the other side on a sweep. Everybody thought I was already tackled. The ref was already blowin’ his whistle. But I was still up and I stutter stepped one way and beat the last guy trying to get me and scored that touchdown. That’s my favorite sports memory for myself.

Besides the Packers, my favorite teams are the Red Sox, the Lakers and the Boston Bruins. I also love tennis. I had a lot of people over to my place to watch the Wimbledon final this year, and we went crazy. I love Federer but Nadal is my favorite. He’s the man. I love his motivation and his heart is big. He leaves it on the court. And when I found out he still lives with his family despite his success, that was it for me. That’s unbelievable right there. That just goes to show you where his heart is at, how much love he has. So we were watching that match, and nobody thought he was gonna win. Everybody was telling me how he hadn’t beat Federer on the hard court and he could only do it on clay but I never had any doubts. I knew his heart was gonna do it for him, and it did.

To read the full blog, go to Espnthemag.com.


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