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Sam Jackson honored; Warren Sapp a diva?; T-Pain’s hearse September 27, 2008

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The American Cinematheque has selected Samuel L. Jackson to receive its annual honor, to be presented at the organization’s Dec. 1 gala at the Beverly Hilton, according to the Hollywood Reporter. AMC will air the event Dec. 9.  Jackson has five films in production this year, including Neil LaBute’s “Lakeview Terrace,” “Soul Men” and the Christmas release of the Frank Miller action drama “The Spirit.”


       *Word has it that the biggest diva on the new season of “Dancing With the Stars” is retired NFL star Warren Sapp. TMZ.com is reporting that the former player “talks down to everybody (especially the guy dancers and production assistants), yells at people and consistently walks out of rehearsals with partner Kym Johnson.”


      *The latest addition to T-Pain’s 22-car collection is a hearse, according to People.com. “My hearse has just been painted orange. I just got a blue top put on it and I’ve got a matching blue fiberglass coffin in the back,” he tells People. A coffin inside holds “speakers and TVs,” says the singer, whose hearse was part of a recent photo shoot for his upcoming album “Thr33 Ringz,” out Nov. 11. The lingering scent of the car’s past use was an early problem for the artist. “We had to Febreeze the hell out of the car,” he says. “Everyone is afraid of it. But I don’t think of it in that way. It’s a car.”


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