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Swagger Like Us Pt.2?? September 27, 2008

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I guess there’s enough swagger to go around, huh?

Rumors, nah, I don’t do those, but when this rumor slid across my desk, I just had to pump some more oxygen into it. And the only reason WHY I’m applying pressure to this particular anecdote is because on the original version, T.I. mentions Jeezy during his verse, so there actually might be some truth to this. Regardless if this rumor is true or false….wait, before I continue on, let me first address the issue at hand.

According to a little birdie, President Carter is looking to recruit some new soldiers for a “Swagger Like Us” sequel. Participants include; 50 Cent, Nas, Andre 3000, and of course, Young Jeezy. What to make of this new revelation, I have no idea. BUT, if this were to become a reality………GOOOD LORD! It’s bad enough the original was like, one of the BEST tracks in the last 5 years, but to make a sequel that just might surpass the original…..ahhhhhhhhhhhh sh*t!

It was also noted that Hova wanted the sequel to live on his new offering, The Blueprint 3. Word to everything I love, if Mr. Beyonce Knowles chooses to release BP3 anytime after December….*makes mean face and punches computer screen*.

Oh, Hova also scored a cover over at TimeOut, a popular NYC publication. Check out the interview here…… 


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