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Janet Pays For Jermaine’s Heavy Drinking September 29, 2008

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Janet and Jermaine bottle

I watched a cute video that Janet Jackson shot of her little boo Jermaine Dupri boozing it up at a condo before their crew headed to Jermaine’s 36th birthday party at Tenjune in New York City. She should have monitored his alcohol intake but instead the heavy drinking continued and she apparently paid the price for it – with a lap full of his vomit.

The video, “Living The Life: My Birthday!!!!!!!”, shows Jermaine sweating and wiping his head with a cloth while Johnta Austin says, “He on 10 shots already at the condo. We about to go to the party.” Jermaine talks about not being allowed to walk the red carpet with a bottle of Patrón. But he got his hands on some inside according to Page Six:

JERMAINE Dupri had a little too much of a good time celebrating his 36th birthday. The other night, Dupri and his squeeze, Janet Jackson, went to Tenjune, where, spies say, they shared bottles of Jay-Z’s Ace of Spades Champagne and Patrón tequila with Ne-Yo, Busta Rhymes and Ice-T – until Dupri “vomited in Janet’s lap. Ms. Jackson bolted out of the scene and sped off in her chauffeured Maybach.” A rep for Jackson and Dupri didn’t return calls. A rep for Tenjune declined to comment. Meanwhile, we hear Dupri is under some stress at work. The head of urban music for Island/Def Jam put out his lady’s last album, “Discipline,” which flopped. Our insider said, “[IDJ head] L.A. Reid had wanted to make changes to the album, make it fresher with some newer artists added in, but Janet said no – and Jermaine backed her up. He looks silly right now.”


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