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You Haven’t Heard This John Legend September 30, 2008

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It looks like John Legend is a fan of the AM! By the sounds of Legend’s recent material from his 3rd solo effort, Evolver, homey might be getting a bit more brash with his commentary. “Green Light”, which features Andre 3000’s lurid commentary, is an easy, “yea it’s about to go down as soon as you give me the signal” ode to that particular female in the corner of the club you would like to have relations with.

True enough, Legend’s brash commentary is catching a lot of us off guard, but hey, like Three stacks suggested, “Sometimes you gotta step from behind the piano and let them know what’s going on. Even Stevie Wonder got down, sometimes.” Remember the song playing at the end of the “Green Light” video (which can be viewed right here) well, your prayers have been answered… I FOUND THE TUNE!

Is “Good Morning” the official second single, who knows. But, I can definitely tell you that at least ONCE we’ve all shared the same theory of staying in bed the morning after our late night rendezvous for an extra spooning session, correct? Anyway, enough of the chit chatter, just down download the darn thing and see for yourself.

John Legend- Good Morning


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