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Can A Man Be Faithful? October 3, 2008

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Fly Guy Note: I have already taken the time to send a personal email back to this reader sharing my views on her situation. She did, however, ask that I also share the letter with the group to also gain a sense of the thoughts of her peers. So after reading the letter, please share your thoughts.

Hi Fly Guy.

I am a lurker on your site and one day I will have the nerve to comment. 🙂 I love your site! In the meantime, I would really like your advice on something that’s really bothering me. A love interest of mine (soon to be former) has told me that he believes that no man can be faithful. He hangs around younger and older men (say early 40s) and he says that they all cheat on their wives and girlfriends. Due to this, he says he will never be faithful. He says that at some point in every man’s relationship, he will go on a “date” or step out on his woman:::piece of my heart just died:::

Anyway, I know better than this. I am not so scorned to believe that every man I date is going to cheat on me. I just want you and your followers to chime in on this subject. Maybe you guys will inspire me to continue on in the dating game or maybe you all will prepare me for a spinster life living with my nine cats. lol! Either way, what say you?

Thanks for your time.


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