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OBAMA BITS October 3, 2008

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NBC and MSNBC have forced YouTube to remove an ad supporting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Entitled “Bad News,” the clip features the voices of NBC news vet Tom Brokaw and MSNBC host Keith Olbermann in a mock report of Republican Sen. John McCain winning the election. The sibling networks have been accused by McCain supporters of showing favoritism to Obama. When the two networks initially sent a cease and desist letter to the Obama camp last week demanding that it withdraw the ad, the campaign instead merely attached a disclaimer, reading “NBC and MSNBC did not cooperate in the making of this video.” “That is not good enough,” an NBC spokeswoman said afterwards.


      *Gossip blogger Janet Charlton is reporting that Oprah Winfrey gave Obama a special present following his speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. “She wanted to give him an exceptional gift suitable for a presidential candidate and she turned to a private dealer who specialized in historical items,” wrote Charlton. “Price didn’t matter and Oprah found the perfect gift for Barack – she gave him a rare and highly collectible fountain pen that belonged to JFK.”


       *Republican John McCain has called it quits in Michigan after recent polls suggest the important battleground state is leaning toward Obama. The GOP nominee is reportedly removing staff, halting advertising and canceling visits to the Midwestern state, which offers 17 electoral votes. Resources will be sent to Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida and other competitive states, reports the AP.


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