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O.J.’S CASE WINDING DOWN October 3, 2008

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       Simpson and co-defendant Clarence “C.J.” Stewart each face 12 counts – including conspiracy and coercion – in the alleged robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers in a casino hotel room last year. They face five years to life in prison if convicted of kidnapping, or mandatory prison time if convicted of armed robbery. Both men have pleaded not guilty.      

       Neither Simpson nor Stewart testified before the prosecution, and their defenses rested their cases Wednesday after a last-minute dispute over a witness’ blurted testimony threatened to derail the trial after four days of jury selection and 12 days of testimony.      

       Glass expressed exasperation and concern that the trial was in jeopardy after the blurted comment from the stand by the final witness, Las Vegas police detective Andy Caldwell, who headed the investigation.      

       Dismissing calls for a mistrial by the defense because of the detective’s comments, Glass said: “I’m trying to get this case back on track. I’m surprised you haven’t seen my head spin and fire come out of my mouth at this point in this trial.”      

       Glass admonished jurors to disregard the comment by Detective Caldwell and then told them to forget about her admonition.


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