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Swagger Like Us: The Dipset Edition October 3, 2008

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And the battle begins….. Before I dive into this, may I point out that this instrumental has become the new “A Milli” beat. I mean the surge in popularity in regards to this song is becoming astronomical. First it was the OG version that set the industry ablaze, then it was chatter of a remix (distributed by yours truly), then we heard the R&B cats wanted in (distributed by yours truly) and now the exclusive queen herself has revealed them Dipset Dudes are about to take a nice lil stab at the record and its participants.

Miss Info reports, “Now, I’m hearing that Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne have recorded yet another version….The hook goes: “All these other rappers jack swagger from us.” LOL. And it seems this song, “Swaggerjack from Us” will be on Jim Jones’ solo album, which drops right in the thick of things, on Dec 9th.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa….Wayne’s on this version???? Doesn’t the hook sound like a scathing backhand to Hov, T.I. and Kanye since they’re the ONLY ones to officially rap on the track??? Wayne playing both sides of the fence on this one.


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