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Swagger Like Us: The R&B Edition??? October 3, 2008

Filed under: Entertainment — Ryann Hayman @ 6:34 pm
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R&B’s top crooners to show off their “Swagga”???I know you guys aren’t swaggered out just yet, are you? Good, because word on the street, R&B’s top guns are gearing up for the “Swagger Like Us”:R&B Edition. Yup, you heard right, the R&B world wants to show off their swagger as well. Ok ladies, I know your itching to find out who plans to lay their swaggerific vocals over the Kanye production, so here it goes. SLU: The R&B Edition participants include; Chris Brown, Neyo, Usher, and T-Pain. WOW!
Though the track has yet to be complete, one of the SLU R&B participants did state all parties have discussed collaborating on the track, but conflicting schedules have prohibited them from coming together to complete the task.

Could this be one of the dopest R&B collabo’s???


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