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Paper Trail Soars Off The Shelves October 6, 2008

Filed under: Entertainment,Hip Hip — Ryann Hayman @ 10:59 pm

T.I. truly is the “KING”!

Rising through adversity, T.I. has come out unscathed and basically a brand new individual. Whether it was his “oh so sweet” deal he worked out the the legal eagles of ATL or the unprecedented success of Paper Trail, Cliff is riding high and has no intentions of coming down anytime soon.

Word around town, The Kaaaannng is set to move 357,000 Paper Trail units, locking his 5th solo lp at #1 (King and TI Vs TIP also debuted at #1) on the Billboard 200, not to mention, “Whatever You Like” is STILL #1 on the Billboard 100. Not to say I’m disappointed at his numbers, but I kind of expected more from the South’s throne holder. I mean come on people, Paper Trail is probably the best LP of 2008 (sorry Weezel). Regardless of what dude moved, his success is rightfully earned and we’re alll damn proud of ya, Cliff.


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