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Tennis champ Serena Williams will lose her world number one ranking today due to an early loss at the WTA tournament in Stuttgart last week. She has also pulled out of this week’s $2.4 million Kremlin Cup because of a recurring knee problem.      

        “I was experiencing knee problems since the US Open and now I need a break to regain my top form,” Williams told organizers of the joint ATP and WTA event on Friday.      

       She added: “I played a lot of events this year and now I need a break to recover. My aim this year is to regain the world’s top ranking. I played in the final here last year and will now lose a lot of points.      

       “But for now my only wish is to have some rest to recover and to be in my top form at Doha.”      

       Jelena Jankovic of Serbia will replace Williams, a second round casualty at last week’s Stuttgart WTA event, on top of the WTA rankings to be released today.       

       Serena’s sister Venus Williams was beaten by Jankovic in Saturday’s semi-final match at Stuttgart following a three hour battle in which Jankovic needed two pain-killing injections to endure.


       “When I saw the needles they were going to use ten minutes before the game started, I went white – I hate needles,” said Jankovic. “I was screaming when the doctor put the needle in and I had to hold onto one of the physios, but I had to do it to get through the game.”


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