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Chance Vs. New York…Or Something October 7, 2008

Filed under: Entertainment — Ryann Hayman @ 3:16 pm

Gone-but-not-forgotten I Love Money bootee Chance recently spoke to King magazine about his kinda-sorta former flame New York, and what he has to say is…confusing. Describing sex with New York, Chance says:

“It was like having sex with a stuffed animal—with those fake eyes and fake hair. A stuffed animal with a real set of you-know-what. It feels like having sex with an oversize Cabbage Patch. You got silicone parts that are made for toys.”

It’s all well and good, since expecting sensitivity from Chance is like…well, expecting sensitivity from New York. Although she didn’t have those “silicone parts” until after the first season I Love New York finished taping. But whatever, it gets more confusing when Chance gives his parting advice for the HBIC:

“Stop kissing so many damn guys, man. Relax. Take it slow. Don’t put no more plastic parts on you, because you ain’t a toy. Unless you want to be my toy again. That’s aight, then. Come on down. You know where to find me. But New York, be safe out there. You’re a good person. Stallionaires love you.”

So, having sex with New York was like having sex with a stuffed animal, but Chance isn’t opposed to doing it again. Is this his way of telling us that he’s a plushie?


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