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Sean “Diddy” Combs gets his Rat Pack on in a new ad campaign for CIROC Vodka.


       Entitled “The Art of Celebration,” Diddy is featured in a modern interpretation of the famous clique that included Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Dean Martin, while Sinatra’s renowned “Come Fly With Me” plays throughout. [View clip below.]        

       Shot in black and white at one of Sinatra’s former California homes, the 15- and 30-second commercials depict Diddy as a high-spirited host amidst a chic crowd during an impromptu private house party. The mogul is serving CIROC while engaging with his modern-day “Rat Pack” entourage. Combs mingles, dances and jokes during the intimate party, before finally stealing a private moment to gaze into the night as the crowd enjoys a fun-filled evening inside.       

       “Frank Sinatra is one of my heroes. It was truly an honor to have had the opportunity to use Sinatra’s work and home for this campaign,” said Diddy. “He defined sophisticated celebration as a lifestyle a generation ago. I couldn’t imagine a spirit more appropriate for such occasions today than CIROC, a brand that has become synonymous with celebration.”

Diddy’s “The Art of Celebration” Spot for CIROC



  1. goodthingsquared Says:

    The Ciroc 1 Million Dollar offer

    There’s only one day a year when the world collectively parties together, New Year’s Eve and the Time Square ball drop in NY is one of the premier locations for bringing inn the new year! For countless years brands like Korbel Champagnes and Waterford crystal have positioned themselves as the official Champagne and New Year ball crystal of the Times Square celebration all in hopes of capitalizing on the unique marketing opportunity. Although Champagne is the common celebratory libation of choice to ring in the New Year, Diddy and Ciroc are trying to change the tradition to include their “ultra-premium vodka.”
    The constantly evolving marketing machine that is Diddy is offering the Mayor and City of New York $1 Million Dollars to change the New Years Eve Ball to Ciroc Blue. Although Diddy admits the proposal is a publicity stunt to help brand Ciroc to the New Years Party crowd, he does say that he just wants the color to be changed, no logo. I guess given these hard economic times people might just feel the need to sip on something a bit more stiff than the traditional bubbly. Diddy doesn’t pose a specific use for the contribution but suggest using it to build parks, improve schools or for foreclosure “bailouts.” As yet there hasn’t been a response from the Mayors office.
    In addition Diddy goes on to announce that the Ciroc street team in conjunction with the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission will be handing out $15 taxi cab vouchers to New York party goers to make sure they get home safe.

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