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       Miller, formerly known as Master P, argues that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has his first use date recorded in public record as April 1, 2003, while Pepe’s registered mark falls on June 1, 2003.       

       “I went to the web site of PepeJeans.com and couldn’t find a circled-P anywhere, on their clothing, or the brand advertising within the site,” Miller explained to AllHipHop.com. “I’m the future of affordable fashion and big brands will always hate me, but they shouldn’t throw stones if they live in a glass house!”

      Miller says he plans to fight the allegations with a countersuit on the ground of malicious interference with his company.


        “I’m the brand of the community. I sell jeans for $20 and t-shirts for $10. People don’t buy my clothes for the logo. They buy them because it’s high-fashion at an affordable price,” Miller said. “I guess they didn’t do their homework. I am also filing a countersuit against Nitin, Arun, Milan Shah and Pepe Jeans London, LLC for tortious interference with my business and future business with Wal-Mart. And since they saw fit to go after my retailer, I will return the favor and file suit against several of their retailers like Macy’s, Dr. Jay’s, Nordstrom, and Eastbay.”


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