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Chris “Ludacris” Bridges won’t have to worry about standing in line at his local polling station next month on Election Day.


       “I already voted,” the Atlanta-born rapper-actor told the New York Daily News. The supporter of Democratic nominee Barack Obama added: “I think it’s very clear who I voted for.”


       In fact, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that a substantial number of blacks in Georgia have taken advantage of the early voting option as a way to avoid any unforeseen polling problems on Nov. 4.


      Of the 263,408 ballots already cast in Georgia since early polling opened Sept. 22, 38% were by voters who identify themselves as African Americans, even though blacks account for just 29% of Georgia’s 5.6 million voters. Registration is up from about 4.3 million in November 2004 and about 4 million in November 2000.


       John McCain holds a substantial lead over Barack Obama in most Georgia polls, including leads of seven and eight percentage points in Research 2000 and SurveyUSA polls taken last week.


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