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A profile of Jennifer Lopez written by reporter Kevin Sessums for Elle magazine was reportedly “much too personal” for the publication and was  subsequently scrapped in favor of a more flattering profile written by Peter Rubin, at the request of J.Lo’s reps.


      However, the original Sessums article lives on thanks to Tina Brown, who posted it ib her Web site, The Daily Beast,” reports the New York Post.


      According to Page Six, “Elle’s article flatteringly focuses on Lopez as a fashion icon. But Sessums describes a flu-ridden Lopez: ‘Her unwashed hair is pulled severely back and there’s a halo of frizz around the crown of her head.'”


       The singer-actress also told Sessums she doesn’t breast-feed her newborn twins, is willing to put the kids in Scientology classes, and said she had “a kind of nervous breakdown” while filming the 2002 film “Enough.”


       Lopez explained: “There were no signs leading up to it. You really don’t know what’s happening at first. I was going, ‘what’s going on?’ It was about five in the afternoon in my trailer and I just sat there. I remember telling my assistant at the time – Arlene – to go get the director Michael Apted and I asked if I could go home because I was feeling so, so sick and weird.  I kept saying, ‘I’m not weak, I’m not weak.’ It’s funny what tricks your mind play on you. I just didn’t want people to think I was falling apart. But when I look back on it now it’s so odd to me that those are the words I chose to say: I am not weak.

     The doctor told me to go back to work on Monday after a weekend of sleeping because if I waited longer that I would only get more panicked about working. So that’s what I did. I’ve still never been to a shrink. I’m not a shrinky person.”


       A rep for Lopez told Page Six of Sessums’ interview appearing on The Daily Beast: “We’re very unhappy about it, and think it was poor judgment on his part. As long as we have represented Jennifer, we have never heard her refer to having a breakdown of any sort.”


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