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Diddy takes on Sen. John McCain in his latest vlog entry for referring to Sen. Barack Obama as “that one” during their presidential debate Tuesday in Nashville.


      In the video, titled “John McCain Scares Me Even More than Sarah Palin,” Diddy shows the clip of McCain making the dismissive comment, rewinds it several times in disbelief, then cries out, “This is 2008, not 1962!”


      Next, Diddy picks up the camera for a walk-and-talk, stating, McCain “referred to a grown man as ‘that one.’ A man that has worked hard, that has done the impossible, has fought for every amount of respect that he should deserve. Whether you agree with somebody or not, you are trying to be the President of the United States and you’re referring to another man as ‘that one?'”


      Diddy goes on to say, “We’ll see you Nov. 4 at the polls.” The video fades to black with the message, “Vote for ‘That One’ on Nov. 4.”


“John McCain Scares Me Even More than Sarah Palin!!!”


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