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As far as being enacted into law, it looks the “Donda West bill” in California won’t make the cut.


      In fact, the bill, aimed at helping to prevent plastic-surgery-related deaths, was vetoed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


      The bill, prompted by the November, 2007 death of Kanye West’s mother, Dr. Donda West, failed to make it past the governor because of the backlog in California caused by the recently end 3-month budget crisis. West, 58, died a day after undergoing a breast reduction and liposuction surgery.


      With the historic 80-day delay in passing the state budget, Schwarzenegger said he had time to enact only the top-priority legislation.


      “This bill does not meet that standard, and I cannot sign it at this time,” read the veto message, one of dozens Schwarzenegger issued Sunday.


      The cosmetic-surgery bill, AB 2968, received almost unanimous support in the legislature, according to the LA Times, and would have required people to undergo a physical examination, give a complete medical history and get a doctor’s clearance before undergoing plastic surgery.


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