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Beasties’ ‘Vote’ tour; Mariah’s luggage; Robin Roberts’ battle; Diddy’s rotator cuff October 13, 2008

The Beastie Boys are taking Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones, Jack Johnson and Ben Harper on the road in the coming weeks for the Get Out and Vote tour. “This election is too important to stay at home,” the rap trio said Friday, adding that they are endorsing Democratic candidate Barack Obama for president. An Oct. 28 show in Richmond, Va. will feature Crow, Jones, Johnson and Santogold, while Harper and Tenacious D will support in St. Paul, Minn. Nov. 1; and David Crosby and Graham Nash will join the Beasties in Milwaukee on Nov. 2.


       *The New York Post is reporting that Mariah Carey and new hubby Nick Cannon had so much luggage for their trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas that they had to take it off of their chartered Gulfstream and fly it separately via Southwest Airlines accompanied by two members of her entourage. Carey was in Vegas to host a party at The Bank nightclub at the Bellagio last week.


      *In the current issue of People magazine, “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts opens up about reaching an all-time low while undergoing chemo treatments for breast cancer. “I was in a really bad place,” she tells the magazine. “I didn’t want to fake it [on TV].”  The 47-year-old decided to take off the last three weeks of the year to get more rest. She rebounded quickly after her year-end respite. “I think taking long walks really helped,” she says. “And I circled January 10, the day of my last chemo treatment, on the calendar so I had a goal, an end in sight.”


      *Sean “Diddy” Combs had surgery earlier this month to repair his right rotator cuff, reports People. The mogul has been seen in recent paparazzi photos with his left arm in a blue sling sporting a Barack Obama pin.

       *TMZ.com is reporting that a man was arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport for an incident involving Melanie “Mel B” Brown, her husband Stephen Belafonte and a group of photographers. “At around 3 p.m., Mel, Stephen and their baby arrived at Heathrow and were greeted by a few photogs,” the Web site reported. “As they were exiting, a random man approached them and started talking to Belafonte. We don’t know what was said between the two, but the man suddenly went crazy, screaming things like ‘I’ll get a knife and stab you’ at Stephen.” The man eventually grabbed the photog’s clothes and tried to punch him. Officers were called in and the man was arrested.


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