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Maxwell treated fans to several new songs during a Thursday night performance at New York’s Radio City Music Hall that ended with actual panties being thrown on stage, reports Billboard.com.


      As part of his first tour in six years, the soulful crooner sang “Pretty Wings,” “Bad Habits” and “Comb” from his forthcoming Columbia album “Black Summers’ Night.” No release date has been announced.


       “This song, it’s about wanting to be with somebody but meeting them too early,” Maxwell told the audience of “Pretty Wings.” The moderately paced “Bad Habits” found Maxwell asking in the chorus, “Will you forgive me?,” while “Comb” showcased a two-step drum pattern with a strong horn section and a smooth guitar roll, notes Billboard.      

       Maxwell was accompanied by a nine-piece band in black and white suits, as a hometown crowd of mostly couples and single ladies looked on.      

       He began the show with “Get To Know Ya” from his third and last album, 2001’s “Now.” He also sang his popular singles “No One,” “Lifetime” and “This Woman’s Work.”      

       The band improvised “Sumthin Sumthin,” adding the beat from Jay-Z’s “Can’t Knock the Hustle,” before flowing into “Pretty Wings.”       

       Just as he was about to launch into “Til The Cops Come Knockin’,” Maxwell stopped the music and said, “There are not enough panties on my stage right now!” One woman promptly threw a blue rose on stage and another threw a rather large pair of white panties, which Maxwell tossed over his shoulder as he finished the song. “Go get drunk, go have sex, we love ya!” he said to close the evening.



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