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Philadelphia sports fans are known the world over for their booing, and GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin got to experience it first hand at the Flyers hockey team’s home opener Saturday night.


       As the self-proclaimed “hockey mom” from Wasilla, Alaska took to the ice with daughters Piper, 7, and Willow, 14, for the ceremonial dropping of the puck, a round of boos from the Wachovia Center faithful appeared to drown out the applause.  [Scroll down to view.]      

       Here’s how it was reported in various media outlets:


• Lynn Zinser’s NYT hockey “Slapshot” blog:  Palin was met with “resounding (almost deafening) boos from the Flyers crowd.” 

• Fox Sports: “The crowd reacted with a mixture of cheers and boos at her appearance.” 

• Associated Press: “The Alaska governor heard a few boos when she walked onto the ice Saturday night. But that soon turned to polite applause as she walked out to center ice.” 

• Politic “The world’s most famous ‘Hockey Mom’ was greeted, like most any politician likely would be at a Philly sporting event, with more boos than cheers.”.

       Fox also revealed: “The GOP Vice-Presidential nominee said at an earlier fundraiser that she would stop some of the booing from the rowdy Philadelphia fans by putting her seven year old daughter, Piper in a Flyers jersey. She said, ‘How dare they boo Piper!'”  Her plan failed.      

       Philly fans famously booed Donovan McNabb at the 1999 NFL Draft, and even Destiny’s Child during its halftime performance at a 2001 playoff game between the hometown 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers. Kelly Rowland wore a 76ers jersey and Beyonce wore a top that represented both teams. Michelle Williams balanced out the look by wearing a Lakers jersey, while the two lone background dancers were also in the Lakers purple and gold, which apparently turned off the crowd.      

Gov. Sarah Palin Booed at Philadelphia Flyers Game


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