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The son of late rapper Eric “Eazy E” Wright and a number of celebrities helped get out the vote in Compton over the weekend by joining voter registration campaign “My Hood Votes,” founded by journalist Jasmyne Cannick.

      The campaign registered gang-bangers from the Crips and Bloods, as well as non-traditional potential voters throughout the city.


      “My Hood Votes is us representing us. It’s us going out and talking to each other the way that only we can about the importance of having some involvement in the political process,” Lil Eazy E told AllHipHop.com, adding that Nov. 4 will be his first time voting in an election. “My pops loved Compton. I love Compton. This was the perfect opportunity to get it crackin’ in my hometown with my family and take it into the streets.”

      Cannick said her decision to launch “My Hood Votes” came out of frustration with both presidential candidates and their running mates.


       “Over the course of the presidential and vice-presidential candidate’s debates, it’s become crystal clear that both Democrats and Republicans are focused on one segment of the American population, the middle class,” Cannick said. “Hence, the absence of any mention of the word poverty, even though it is a way of life for more than 37 million people in this country. So while the candidates continue to be focused on the wealthy and middle class, in L.A., I’ve been focused on the hood.”  

Lil Easy E., Jasmyne Cannick & Jamie Foxx

       The campaign received support from 93.5 The Beat FM as well as entertainers and community activists that included comedian/Radio Free 102.3 KJLH radio personality Guy Black, actress Terra Menyone from The Shield, The Foxx Hole w/Jamie Foxx co-host Felicia “The Poetess” Morris, Nation of Islam Minister and activist Tony Muhammad.

      For details on the My Hood Votes campaign, visit http://www.MyHoodVotes.com.


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