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As previously reported, Don Cheadle will take over the role of Jim Rhodes in “Iron Man 2” after negotiations with original actor, Terrence Howard, stalled over financial differences and other reasons, claimed the Hollywood Reporter.


      In the first film, Howard played the role of Iron Man’s best friend, who in the future goes on to become armor-clad hero War Machine.


       Marvel is expected to expand the Rhodes role in the May 7, 2010 sequel, which will feature Robert Downey Jr. returning in the title role of billionaire industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man and Jon Favreau back in the director’s chair.  Gwyneth Paltrow also is expected to return as Stark’s assistant, Pepper Potts.


       Meanwhile, Cheadle is shooting Antoine Fuqua’s “Brooklyn’s Finest” with Richard Gere and Ethan Hawke. He most recently starred in “Traitor,” a thriller on which he was also a producer. He will next be seen in DreamWorks’ “Hotel for Dogs.”


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