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Halle Berry will release her signature perfume via Coty this spring, called “Halle by Halle Berry,” following some 24 months of experimentation to develop the perfect scent.


      “We call ‘Halle’ my second baby because that’s really all I’ve been working on for the past two years,” the Oscar winner and mom of 7-month-old Nahla tells People.com. “I was mixing two fragrances, a fig and a mimosa, and putting them in a bottle and carrying them around. That was my flavor of the moment.”       

       Berry added that her boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, has given his stamp of approval to the winning concoction.


      “I want women to feel that their partners, that special person, thinks they smell beautiful, thinks that it’s simple enough that they can ingest it all day, every day,” she said. “That’s what Gabriel said. He said it smells like that – he better be right!”


       The market may be overflowing these days with celebrity scents, but Berry tells Access Hollywood that it doesn’t concern her in the least.      

       “In this industry, I have learned early on not to feel a sense of competition,” she said. “I run my race looking forward with blinders on. You can never compare yourself to somebody else. Somebody else’s success is theirs.”


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