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Spike Lee was to attend last night’s Los Angeles premiere of Nokia Productions, the first user generated multimedia film, at the Nokia Plaza – LA Live with a simultaneous online premiere at http://www.nokiaproductions.com       

       T-Mobile USA, Inc. partnered with Nokia to develop the Nokia Productions film, which was built entirely by everyday people, using mobile devices to generate and submit original content which was then combined into one artistic multimedia film created by Lee.      

       The filmmaker guided and directed the creative submissions through video messages and his blog entries. After each act closed, Nokia selected the “Top 25” submissions, and visitors voted for their favorite submission creating the “Top 10.” Lee then picked the winning submission from each act to be integrated into the final film. These three winners were to be flown to Los Angeles to participate in the premiere of the final film.


       “What drew me to this project was the unique opportunity to do something that hasn’t been done before utilizing technology, the internet, and having people collaborate on a film,” said Lee. “The new technology, you might say, is bringing a democracy to film. Anyone can be a journalist, a filmmaker, a still photographer. Just pull out your mobile device, record it, press a button, and it’s instantly on the web. So I think it’s great that Nokia had the vision to see where all of this is headed.”


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