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Obama’s XBOX 360 ad; Dennis & Donald; Pimps & Ho’s game; Marcia Brady dated MiJac October 16, 2008

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Barack Obama has purchased virtual billboards inside of an XBOX 360 game called “Burnout Paradise” in an attempt to get out the vote among video game heads, reports Gigaom.com. While playing inside of the fictional Paradise City, gamers encounter a billboard with Obama’s image next to the words “Early Voting Has Begun, voteforchange.com.”

       *The Donald has apparently taken a liking to Dennis Rodman during filming of the next “Celebrity Apprentice” in Manhattan. A source close to the show tells the Palm Beach Post: “Trump likes hard-working people, and Dennis does work hard.” Meanwhile, the source adds that Rodman – who has been “spotted everywhere around NYC making his presence known” – is particularly smitten with fellow cast member Khloe Kardashian.

       *A company called Weaver Games has created a board game called “Pimps and Ho’s.” A press release states: “By taking control of your pimp, the goal is to prove dominance over the other players by building up serious cash flow while keeping a close watch over the Ho’s at all times. The available expansion sets, including the newly released HoTropolis, guarantees countless hours of hilarity.” The price tag for Pimps and Ho’s is $29.99 for the Standard Edition and $69.99 for the Deluxe Edition at http://www.pimpsandhos.com.
       *In her new book, “Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice,” actress Maureen McCormick spills the beans about her dates with various famous men, including the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. She also opens up about her two abortions, her battle with cocaine addiction and her long history of clinical depression.


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