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Kanye West was accompanied by more than 20 nude models Tuesday night at his Los Angeles listening party for “808s & Heartbreak,” his new album due Nov. 25.


       As some 200 guests looked on, the ladies stood in a triangular formation in front of a glowing neon-light background, reports People.com, with nothing but black stiletto heels and curly brunette or blonde wigs over their faces.


       “I like the idea of nudity because I realize it’s society that told us to wear clothes at a certain point,” said West, 31, when his 50-minute album concluded.  “The irony for me [as] somebody who’s talked about so many labels – Louis Vuitton this, [Mercedes] Benz that, this girl looks good – [is that] now it’s time to deliver ideas in the most naked form possible.”


       The naked models occasionally sat down on the concrete floor or bent over, all while curious audience members watched and listened from just a few feet away.       

       According to People, the new album is filled with vocals manipulated by Auto-Tune, a studio pitch-correction device. Recorded in Hawaii last month, “808s & Heartbreak” can be described as a more experimental effort for the 10-time Grammy winner.       

       “It’s from my heart. I don’t give a f*** if someone rates it ‘hot’ or ‘not.’ It doesn’t matter to me at this point,” West told his guests, who included Jay-Z, Jimmy Kimmel, Will.i.am, L.A. Reid and deejay Steve Aoki. “I can only request that other people who make real art won’t dictate their passion based on what is ‘hot.’ … I’m here to bring sensitivity that cannot be judged.”       

       West also revealed plans to release another album in June 2009. “I have more music to do,” he said. “It will be from my heart.”


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