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Prince recons new club; Rodman bounces on Bounce; Colin Powell gets his groove on October 18, 2008

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The New York Post’s Page Six reported that Prince had an “advance man” canvas New York’s new hotspot Eldridge before going inside to join his friend Hill Harper of “CSI: New York.” A Page Six witness said: “Five security guards escorted him to the very back table. He sipped on water and stayed for about an hour.” Later, Prince brought his personal deejay to Butter where “they closed the downstairs for a private buffet.”


       *Dennis Rodman, star of Donald Trump’s upcoming “Celebrity Apprentice,” reportedly ran up a tab at New York’s Bounce Uptown and then ran out without paying the bill. “After imbibing a steady stream of champagne, the former hoopster grabbed a half-finished bottle of Veuve Clicquot – along with the champagne glasses that were on his table – and left without paying,” a source told the New York Daily News. Rodman’s rep confirms that Rodman skipped out on the bill, but added: “Dennis does not recall leaving the club with a bottle and glasses.”


      *Former secretary of state Colin Powell performed an impromptu dance and freestyle rhyme at London’s Africa Rising Festival, a traveling showcase for African music and culture.  Joining African rapper Olu Maintain on stage for his hit “Yahoozee,” Powell performed both the dance and the various call and response lyrics of the song. Afterward, he told the crowd: “I stand before you as an African-American. Many people have said to me you became secretary of state of the USA, is it still necessary to say that you are an African-American or that you are black? And I say yes, so that we can remind our children.”



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