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      During Tuesday’s live finale of “Making the Band 4,” Diddy fired Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods from the group, leaving speculation over the fate of remaining members Richard, Shannon Bex and Aundrea Fimbres.


       She told Essence magazine: “It’s so interesting how the media chooses to interpret or report things. I have never said that I was pursuing a solo deal. I told someone that I have waited so long for my dream, and singing is my dream and has been for so long. I have done nothing on the side as far as solo projects. I’m not sidestepping.”       

       Instead of asking her about solo projects, “Everyone should ask Puff if that’s what he has in line for me,” she suggested. “If he does, then I’m honored and I will work hard, as I’ve always done. Who knows what can happen, because Puff changes his mind every five seconds. I’m going to work hard. I’m going to be the same person I was in the beginning.”       

       Richard says she has always remained loyal to the group, even when other members were actively pursuing other endeavors.— most notably O’Day.       

       “I have totally been supportive of the group — that’s my priority,” she said. “We had shows where Aubrey didn’t show up, and we had her back and no one wrote about it or said anything.”       

       “Some of the other girls have pursued their interests, and I have sat back and supported them in their individual pursuits,” she continued. “It truly hurts my feelings, because I work so hard, and I’ve been so honest from the beginning. Again, my priority has always been Danity Kane. I’ve never missed a show or meeting, so it’s just interesting how people perceive things. I can only put it in God’s hands.”


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