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DIDDY EYING ‘T LA ROCK’ FILM? October 20, 2008

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Sean “Diddy” Combs was spotted at New York’s Nobu 57 last week with execs involved in a film about old-school rapper Terry “T La Rock” Keaton.       

       The project was written by Antwone Fisher and will have Oscar winner Denzel Washington in the director’s chair. According to the New York Post, the rap mogul dined with stage director Jerry Zaks and casting director Bonnie Timmerman.       

       The story follows the life of the Def Jam star through 1994, when Keaton suffered a traumatic brain injury while breaking up a fight in The Bronx. Keaton eventually regained his memory and motor skills.       

Terry ‘T La Rock’ Keaton

       In other Diddy news, cops in Miami Beach cited him for blasting his music too loudly while driving his Jeep. 


       According to TMZ.com, the music was so loud that Diddy didn’t hear initial orders to turn it down. When he didn’t comply with the command, police pulled him over and gave him a ticket of about $100.



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