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Project Runway’s Korto Momolu may have come in second this season, but she was No. 1 in the eyes of fans who watch the Bravo reality series.        

       Explaining her vote as “fan favorite” for the fifth season, the 33-year-old Liberia-born designer told E! Online it must be because “People relate to me. I’m real. I cry when it’s time to cry, and I pout when it’s time to pout. [Laughs.] I’m a mama, I’m a wife, I’m an immigrant. I got booty.”      

       Korto admits that her ample backside has its own set of devoted fans.       

       “I’m like, Lord Jesus help me if one more shot of my butt is shown on TV,” she told E! at Martell Cognac’s finale screening party at L.A. hot spot STK. “I found a Web site dedicated to my butt! It’s hilarious. He writes things like, ‘Oh, my god! They’re gonna show her booty again next week!'”      

       Asked what her husband thought of the fan obsession over her derriere, she said: “He knows I have a good booty.”      

       The reality show star says she plans on moving from Arkansas to Philadelphia, preferring to steer clear of designer-friendly cities such as New York or Los Angeles. 


       “My parents live close by in Jersey,” she explained. “I figured it would be a good place because it has grass. I want my daughter growing up seeing grass. There’s no grass in New York. There’s a tree every now and then. I live in Arkansas. There are leaves, flowers.”      

       Her dream client?       

       She says: “Oprah! I’ve been stalking her for like five years…Just everything she stands for. She’s freakin’ Oprah. She’s up and down like me and she traced her roots back to Liberia, where I’m originally from. We have that connection. I think I should be one of her favorite things next year.”


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