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Brandy says she continues to deal with the pain of knowing that her role in a freeway car accident took the life of another human being in December 2006.     



      “It was just a tough situation to go through,” she told Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest Monday. “I can’t really talk about it in any great detail because of legal matters but it was just something that I don’t like to think about often.”

      The singer escaped vehicular manslaughter charges over the collision, which killed Awatef Aboudihaj, but almost two years on, Brady admits she’s still haunted by the incident.


      “You have to understand that you don’t intend for things like that to happen; it’s an accident… and that’s how you get through things like that.


      “I prayed a lot and I had great people around me to help me up and lift my spirits and I got through it… but I don’t even think that I’m all the way over it. I don’t think you can ever get over something like that – but I’m able to live my life without feeling the way I did in the beginning. I’m a lot more cautious driving, you don’t want anything like that to happen again.”


      Brandy says the emotional pain she endured in the weeks and months after the crash is evident in her new songs – one new track, “Right Here (Departed),” is a tribute to her friends and family members who stuck by her: “A lot of people can relate to that song because everyone needs someone to be there for them.”


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