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JANET ‘ROCKS WIT’ ATL October 21, 2008

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      She had been dogged by numerous show cancellations, causing much speculation, reportedly due to a temporary medical condition that caused her to experience vertigo. she silenced the ‘crazy talk’ by playing a full 2+ hour set, breezing through her arsenal of hits and signature dance moves like the seasoned pro she is.

      There was no show opener, which some had thought would be LL Cool J, but a DJ set the mood right before Janet took the stage. The modestly full arena gave her a very warm welcome home, to which she responded, “It’s so good to be home…I LOVE Atlanta!” She was nearly brought to tears.

      Janet’s three most recent albums have been sales disappointments, but based on her repertoire of hits, it’s easy to forget that fact.  She took full advantage of all she had at her disposal by lip synching (you did realize that, right…?) her way through everything from ‘Rhythm Nation,’ ‘That’s The Way Love Goes,’ ‘Black Cat,’ ‘Escapade,’ ‘When I Think of You,’ ‘Funny How Time Flies,’ ‘So Much Betta,’ and the list goes on, but she stopped to perform ‘Never Letchu Go’ (Discipline album) live.  She even threw in rare tracks “You’ll Never Find (A Love Like Mine)” and “Young Love” from very early in her career. 

      The bulk of the show was pretty much standard Janet and her troupe of dancers (with heart stopping pyrotechnic additions here and there), but the temperature rose pretty quickly in Phillips when she naughtily performed ‘Discipline’ to a dominatrix style set, using an unsuspecting — and ulitmately very happy — audience member as a prop.  Black leather, whips, suspension apparatus…you get the picture.  If THAT’s what Jermaine gets at home, I’m sure there will be much pushback from him on those splitsville rumors; stay tuned… 

      Janet delivered a performance that certainly met fan’s expectations and she showed no signs of trouble in paradise.


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