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      Lil Wayne says he’s planning to re-release his current multi-platinum album “Tha Carter III” with all new tracks.


      The project will be in addition to next year’s release of “Tha Carter IV,” as well as his 20-song mixtape “Dedication 3” to be offered on his Web site. He’s also collaborating with T-Pain for a 2009 duet album called “T-Wayne.”


      While accepting one of his many honors at the BET Hip Hop Awards on Saturday, Lil Wayne said he’s also expecting the birth of his son in the coming weeks.


      Meanwhile, TMZ.com is reporting that Lil’ Wayne attended a court hearing in New York regarding his weapons case, but it quickly turned into “an impromptu Marijuana 101 lesson in the process.”      

      TMZ reported Monday: The Weez’s assistant was up on the stand today and under blunt questioning from the DA, explained in great detail how pot is “something we always have” on the tour bus. Wayne’s bud also said the star only smokes “dro” — which, as the assistant explained, is short for “hyDROponically grown” weed (i.e., the good s**t). The court was, we’re told, buzzing. Not everyone was so stoked – our spy says Wayne sat, head in hands, watching his lawyer battle to get the case skunked. They’re all due back in court in December.


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