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OMAROSA VS. BONNIE HUNT October 21, 2008

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An innocent comment from talk show host Bonnie Hunt is being used by television personality Omarosa as fighting words to help sell copies of her new book “The Bitch Switch.”

      On Monday, Hunt was speaking with her studio audience about Omarosa’s new dating show to be produced by Donald Trump, who executive produces and stars in the reality series that made her famous, “The Apprentice.”


       “I don’t understand the rewarding of behavior that is less than classy,” said Hunt. “I don’t get it. And we create these stars or whatever it is. I don’t understand.”


      In response to those three sentences, her book reps released the following statement:

       “I’d rather play a bitch than be a bitch. To understand the difference, Bonnie Hunt needs to take a lesson from my new book, ‘The Bitch Switch.’ In these days of political and social insults running rampant, I’m saddened by Bonnie Hunt’s need to resort to playground name calling. I want to support a talented lady who’s trying to survive in a tough industry, and I regret that she doesn’t choose to do the same. Why use her fledgling show to start a catfight she could never win?”


      As for Omarosa’s dating show, the series will follow her attempts to find true love.


      “It’s a dating show, but it’s business meet romance,” says Andrew Litinsky of Trump Productions, who will be producing the unscripted series. “Love is serious business and that’s what Omarosa knows.”



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