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Age ain’t nothing but a number to Mariah Carey. She was 20 years younger than her first husband, music mogul Tommy Mottola, and is a decade older than her current spouse Nick Cannon.


       Carey, 38, married the entertainer in April following a six-week whirlwind romance. But the decision was not entirely without consideration of the age difference.


      When asked if she ever had second thoughts about Cannon being 10 years younger, she told WENN: “You know what, I did. But he doesn’t act like it (younger) — he’s really very intelligent. He’s a very business-minded person, but he’s also a lot of fun so you don’t really think about those things. It is what it is.


       “I’ve been with someone older and that could be a disaster or maybe you have to throw that side away and don’t think about it — think about who’s right for you.”


       Carey and Mottola split in 1998 after five years of marriage.


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