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P. Miller and his brother, rapper Silkk the Shocker, have joined with Gene Van Horn and World Ventures to create a new affiliate marketing business www.yourinvestmenttravel.com, reports Allhiphop.com.


       The Web site shows budding entrepreneurs and home-based travel agents how to earn money in the $7 trillion-a-year travel industry, which Miller believes is an untapped market that hopefuls can buy into with minimal investment.        

      “Instead of spending a couple hundred dollars at the mall, you could put that money towards starting your own small business,” said P. Miller. “If you just sacrifice $500 from your weekly personal expenses and invest that in yourself, you will not only be able to afford more in the future, but you will also be building generational wealth for your family.”

       Miller says he wants the new venture to inspire others to break into the lucrative industry.


       “This is not about entertainment,” he explained. “This is about exposing people to other opportunities that lead to financial freedom. If you are in the music business and you are waiting for that big record deal, you still need to eat and take care of your families now. It’s time to be more responsible.”


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