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       “Whether Obama’s president or McCain’s president, it’s still important for people to be just as passionate and just as involved in moving and shaping their communities,” he told E! Online at the SHIN restaurant grand opening. “I’m going to do that regardless of who is president. You don’t just bail the f*** out.”      

       He added, “This political cycle isn’t like Christmas. On Nov. 4, it isn’t like I got my presents, and now I’m not gonna pay attention anymore.”      

       So will the Black Eyed Peas frontman create more of his celeb-filled pro-Obama music videos, such as “Yes, We Can” and “We Are the Ones?”      

      “Not anytime soon. If I start making songs just like a factory, then they’re not the truth,” said the rapper. “You have to be inspired to do that kind of stuff, and when an inspiration calls, I’ll answer it and do it again.”


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