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American Idol” judge Randy Jackson is offering support for former contestant Jennifer Hudson in the wake of what authorities are calling a double homicide at her home in Chicago.


       “My heart and soul goes out to her and the rest of her family,” Jackson tells People. “Such a huge tragedy – I can’t even believe that it’s possible. Paula Abdul and I were just talking about it yesterday and it’s just so sad.”       

       Jackson says he has attempted to contact Hudson since news broke Friday that her mother and brother were shot dead inside of their home, and her 7-year-old nephew, Julian King, was reported missing.


       “I left a couple of messages for her and I’m just trying to give to her whatever I can,” said Jackson. “My God. The world is an ugly place right now.”


       Fellow season 3 “American Idol” contestant Jon Peter Lewis, who became close friends during the 2004 competition when both advanced to the top 12, tells People, “I am so bereft of words, just how shocking this is … how senseless and heartbreaking. My prayers are with Jennifer.”


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