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At 8 p.m. tonight, ABC and the CW will be the lone broadcast networks not running the half-hour ad from Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.


       Instead, ABC will air its struggling series “Pushing Daisies,” while the CW will counter program with its usual show in the time period, “America’s Next Top Model.”


      The Obama campaign bought a half-hour of airtime on NBC, Fox and CBS on October 9, spending about $1 million per network, according to the Hollywood Reporter. But, ABC was absent from the list, and the network refused to explain its programming intentions. One source said ABC offered the airtime, but the Obama campaign, for whatever reason, declined to buy an ad.       

       Cable networks airing Obam’s 30-minute special on the economy include BET, TV One, MSNBC and Spanish-language network Univision.       

       Meanwhile, Obama’s half-hour program had yet to be delivered to networks as of press time Tuesday. Sources said the ad is almost certainly taped, rather than a live telecast, and can be submitted as late as this morning.


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