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The Chicago Tribune quotes a police source who said the motive in the killings of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew could be related to ongoing disputes between the suspect and his estranged wife, Julia Hudson, and her family.


      One of the arguments centered on missed car payments, sources said.


      William Balfour, 27, remains the focus of the triple-homicide investigation. Hudson’s mother and brother had kicked him out of their Englewood home in the past, sources said.


      Julia Hudson also told police that Balfour had threatened the family. A source said Balfour told Julia Hudson he would kill her if he found out she had a boyfriend, despite the fact that he had other girlfriends.


      Officers said Balfour was cooperative during questioning on Friday night, but he stopped talking when police suggested he take a lie detector test.


      The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Balfour’s girlfriend has contradicted his alibi and police have caught him in at least one other lie during questioning.       

William Balfour

      Police had been tracking Balfour through his cell phone and arrested him Friday at his girlfriend’s house. A neighbor of the girlfriend says a man he believes to be Balfour – wearing a white hooded sweatshirt – was seen pulling up to her home at around noon on Friday, and got out of the car “carrying what appeared to be a bottle of liquor.”


      Balfour has not been charged in the slayings. He remains at Stateville Correctional Center, where officials transferred him Sunday morning, saying that because he was a suspect in the slayings, he violated conditions of parole for a 1999 conviction for attempted murder.


      The Associated Press has uncovered documents showing that Balfour was arrested for drug possession in June, but state officials didn’t revoke his parole. Parole records obtained by The AP also indicate that Balfour missed a meeting with his parole agent on Friday, the day Jennifer’s 57-year-old mother, Darnell Donerson, and 29-year-old brother, Jason Hudson were murdered and her nephew went missing. Julia’s son, 7-year-old Julian King, was found shot to death in a stolen SUV parked in a nearby neighborhood. All three deaths have been ruled homicides.


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